22 August 2017

Fall Activity Schedule Planned


These are our regularly scheduled meet-ups.  Others will be listed individually. Most don't start until the week of September 10th.  See our calendar for specific schedule.

Mondays:  Tween/Teen Board Game Day

The Hobby Corner, 1606 Sycamore St, Iowa City, IA 52240,
Meet up for older kids to hang out in the Hobby Corner's gaming area and play tabletop games.
 1 – 3 pm   Also if you shop at the Hobby Corner be sure to thank them for letting us meet up there!

Tuesdays: All Ages Park Day

Mercer Park Aquatic Center and Scanlon Gym, 2701 Bradford Dr, Iowa City, IA 52240,
When weather is nice will be meeting outside near the playground equipment. 
10:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.

Wednesdays: Home Schoolers Swim @ North Liberty Rec Center

Unstructured swim time for home educating parents and children. Provides a great way to supplement a physical education curriculum and socialize with other homeschoolers. Open to all home-schooling families. Regular adult supervision rules apply.
1 – 3 pm $2

Fridays:   Homeschool Swim @ Mercer Aquatic Center

Mercer Park Aquatic Center and Scanlon Gym, 2701 Bradford Dr, Iowa City, IA 52240

Come hang out and swim.  This is open to everyone and there will be parents who are  willing to be the adult supervision for kids over ten whose parents can't make it. They can ride their bikes over or get dropped off.   Younger kids will need to have parental supervision.
1 – 3 pm $4  although there is a family swim pass that is $36/month for resident families or ($54 non-resident families) available through Iowa City Parks & Rec. 

15 August 2017

It's a brand new school year and since we are using this primarily to broadcast events, most old posts are converted to drafts but not published, to avoid confusion. 

You can also find us on Facebook or use the calendar of events to find out what we are up to.

26 October 2010

Clarification May Be in Order

On October 8th I was contacted by Rob Daniels of the Iowa City Press Citizen asking me about doing a profile story about the group. I took the question to the yahoo group and enough members were okay with meeting with him so I began working to set things up. In the interest of providing Mr. Daniels with some background about the group I sent this information back to him in an e-mail.

The IC Secular Homeschool group is composed of both independent hs’ing families and hs’ing families that are registered with the district homeschool assistance program (HSAP). So while the testing out at the center doesn’t impact all of our members, I think attendance may be low at activities this week and it would be better to try to connect next week, if that would work for you.

As a bit of history, the IC Secular group has been around for many years however in previous years it was known as ICHEN. The group changed its name and clarified its policies a couple of years ago. Our official tagline states, “This secular homeschool association welcomes all Iowa City and surrounding area families who are interested in creating community with homeschooling families of all backgrounds and lifestyles.” We have a blog, a facebook group and a yahoo group. The blog (which we don’t update as frequently as we should) address is http://iowacitysecularhomeschool.blogspot.com/

Mr. Daniels then turned that information along with personal interviews done on October 20th into an article which appeared in today's edition of the Press Citizen.

Suffice it to say that we feel that quotes were about as accurately relayed as the information from the e-mail and I have concerns that the article could create a great deal of confusion that we should try to clear up.

First of all, the IC Secular Homeschool group has nothing to do with organizing testing. In fact, not all of our members choose to test. I have no idea where that came from. The only time the testing was mentioned was in the context above. It never came up in the interview.

Secondly, as to our groups association with the ICHSAP; I don't think Mr. Daniels quite grasped the distinction between the two groups. I don't know how I could have made it much clearer than I did in the e-mail. So I guess that is why the HSAP figured so prominently in the article, because it wasn't something we talked about a good deal.

I thought I did a good job of pointing out that we were a different group than the HSAP. I mentioned our group is able to extend support to families who might live in outlying districts or who might not be interested in joining an HSAP. I also think I mentioned that I hosted a coffee for members of our group to meet Jan back in the days when the HSAP was just getting started. I do know that I said, "We were here first." in a very affected, petulant manner so there shouldn't have been any confusion unless Mr. Daniels just wasn't listening to us at all.

Sarah's comment about the HSAP was made when we were discussing curriculum choices and homeschooling methods and my understanding was that she made the comment referencing the fact that the ICHSAP was hands off in terms of those decisions.

To be clear, those members of this group who also belong to the ICHSAP see it as fantastic source of help and support. Dan and Kathryn work very hard to create educational programming and to provide learning opportunities and those of us who do participate appreciate their hard work very much.

But I would also like to make it clear that we are a distinct and separate group. We are creating a community of homeschoolers which welcomes ALL families and offers friendship and support. I am not sure that article made that clear.