Sunday, October 14, 2012

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum Field Trip

Looking for a field trip, something to do, wanting to get out of the house? Let's meet up on Thursday, October 18th, 2012 at 10:30 am. in West Branch for a trip to the museum and library. Admission prices: Adults are $6 and children are FREE! Questions? Feel free to contact Ivy at (702) 245-8406 Here's a link for more information: p.s. Feel free to bring along a sack lunch, if weather permits, we can find a spot outside to eat.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Godless, communist, gay public schools with mandatory attendance for all."

(This is an editorial written by Stephany Hoffelt. It is in no way is it reflective of the opinions of other members of our group. Although, I am certainly hoping it will start a dialogue.)

So last night I came home and logged into Facebook to find a certain Santorum song that one of my friend told me another friend had posted. Underneath the video, I found the comment, "That's why homeschooling should be illegal." I was pretty confused because the video didn't have anything to do with homeschooling. But I kept reading and the next person made the comment, "To be fair not all homeschoolers are christian".

It appears that the jump from rabid Santorum supporter to christian homeschooler was logicial in their minds. (Have I mentioned that I think logic and critical thinking skills, should be a core subject taught beginning in grade school?). The previous person replied "To be fair, I support the godless, communist, gay public schools with mandatory attendance for all."

I have so many issues with this, I am not quite sure how to start.

Goodness knows, it is not the first time I have encountered the liberal bias against homeschooling in Iowa City. It is honestly one of the reasons Steve and I tend to keep to our circle of homeschool families.

But I am kind of tired of being misunderstood and discriminated against. Apparently so much so, that ranting on Facebook just didn't quite allow me to blow off enough steam. So I am bringing my thoughts here.

For anyone who is confused as to why Steve and I homeschool, when our children were in public school we witnessed schools:

a) consistently providing a sub-par education.

b) showing more concern with cranking out cogs for the grey cubicle bureaucracy, than improving their educational offerings.

If you doubt this, research how US schools compare to schools worldwide. Despite her 4.0 GPA, my daughter's public high school experience has done NOTHING to sway my opinion on these two points.

I thought it might be helpful for me to share some general lessons about people which I have learned during my homeschool adventures.
  1. Despite what that nice lady at the UU told me all those years ago, even here in Iowa City, all homeschoolers are not Fundamental Christians.

  2. Many homeschoolers may be Christian, but that is often not the reason they are homeschooling.

  3. There is nothing wrong with being Christian, despite the many comments to the contrary, I've heard lately. I know plenty of perfectly sane Christians who are not rabidly crazy, Rick Santorum supporters. In fact, I once heard this wild rumor that Barack Obama is a pretty devout Christian.

  4. Homeschoolers who do so because they want to provide a certain moral compass for their children, are still not necessarily Christian. Oddly enough, even some atheists I know don't think it is okay for some bully to kick the shit out of their kid on the playground or for some strange boy to use their daughter's cleavage for target practice.

  5. Those people who are Christian and want to provide a moral education for their children are are not necessarily the ones you saw in Jesus Camp. I know plenty of nice Christians who are "brainwashing" their children to be kind, upright citizens of this planet and follow the teaching of that Jesus guy, whom I happen to think was pretty right on as far as his lessons in morality go. If more Christians were like him...

  6. I am so NOT CHRISTIAN that the other night I had to explain creationism, God, Adam and Eve to my kid so that he understood the references to such topics in the Narnia books. There are plenty of Christians in this secular homeschool group who have never questioned that or my political leanings. I hope that I have made them feel the same way.
So I will wrap this up with this message. I know that you learned to label and categorize people from the moment you were born. It is easy and efficient. I know that thinking on a spectrum is difficult. There are infinite shades of gray, between black and white. Still, we have to quit stereotyping people, if we are ever going to pull things together. Sometimes I think the divide in this country is one that is encouraged by the media, politicians and all sorts of other beneficiaries. We are being manipulated into being distrustful and judgmental of people different than ourselves and I am kind of done with it. As a whole, we are smarter than that, people. We should act like it.